Posted by Piranhas Lacrosse Club on Jul 25 2022 at 09:14AM PDT in Summer 2022 Season

This Summer has come to a close with some high notes for many of our players, with a majority of them even being players to return again in the Fall. Of those players, many have matched or even broken game, season records, and career records

First, we will go through people who matched game records:
Colton LaRose finished his season matching 2 goals against Rip-IT at the Bulldog Brawl. Chris Sanborn and Michael Halstead also got 2 goals against Connecticut Valley at the Mid-Summer Classic. LaRose, Halstead, and Sanborn now share the goal record with Nathan Taylor, Ryan Etzo, and Cam Dewolf. Sean Morton matched the FO win record of 9, which is tied with Colin Falconer.

Onto the broken game records, Gio Arman broke the game record of assists with3 assists against the Connecticut Cougars. The record of 2 had never been broken but matched by Ryan Etzo, Cam Dewolf, Aidan Swift, Colton LaRose, and Nathan Taylor. Both Arman and LaRose broke the game record for points, which had previously been 4. Arman broke the record with his 1 goal and 3 assist performance against Connecticut Cougars, while LaRose tied the new record the game after with 2 goals and 2 assists vs Connecticut Valley.

As far as season records go, 3 season records were broken. Colton Larose broke Nathan Taylor’s 6 goals with his 8 goals for the season. Gio Arman also broke Taylor’s, Dewolf’s, and Kobe’s assist record of 4 assists with his own season-high of 8 assists in a season. Both LaRose and Arman broke Taylor’s point record of 10 with their point record of 12 in a season!

As far as Career records go, Gio Arman is now the holder of the assist career record with 10 assists. Arman also holds the point record with 16 points in his career.

The team also broke team records. A team-high of goals (28), assists (23), and points(51) were achieved.


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